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DJM 750mk2 & DJM-REC audio from mixer not working when streaming to Facebook live

Hi, I’ve tried streaming with the DJM-REC app twice now from the USB out on the mixer on Facebook but the audio comes through the phone mic, I have the lastest version of frimeware : 1.04 for the DJM MK2, the problem is only present on facebook, live instagram, twitch or even snapchat works well, I use OIS 14 Still a compatibility problem ? 
Best regard
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Hey Maxime,

We are aware of an issue with the DJM-REC and streaming with Facebook, our team is working to resolve the issue with an update. Thanks for your patience.

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Same to me. It is really bad as I use it to teach dance lessons in private Facebook groups where, of course I charge to my students... I was wondering why they were complaining about the sound quality!

Begging of November was ok, since two weeks this started happening.

Do you have a prediction of when you will have a solution?


Thank you in advance

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