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American DJ InnoPocket Twins heads showing different colors

I use these spot moving heads American DJ InnoPocket Twins . They are in the Rekordbox Lighting Fixtures database , however, after setting up , only one of the heads plays the color as set in the sequence, the other one lights as white. They both dim as expected. Both heads move as expected, however both should light the same color , as set in the software. Could this be an error in the DMX address set in the database ? If yes, could this be corrected please ? If not, what could I do to fix this issue? 

When testing the unit, both heads display the same color, therefore it does not seem to be a unit fault .

Thank you for your help.

Dan Non pianificato

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Dear Dan,

Apologies that we were not able to reply back earlier. 

Unfortunately, rekordbox does not support the multi-cells as well as multiple color and gobo wheels.

Thanks for your understanding.

Pioneer DJ Support

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