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Rekordbox - set star ratings on multiple tracks

It think it would be a nice feature if we could select multiple tracks in the playlist and then RightClick them and set the rating to ... 0-1-2-3-4-5 stars ... I frequently use starred rating in intelligent playlist.  I have a playlist with "recent music" and an intelligent playlist with "recent music bombs..." the intelligent playlist is filled with all tracks out of my "recent music" that have FIVE STARS.  So quickly select some tracks and give them 5 stars in 1 action would be very handy (also, "delete" all stars, so setting to 0 stars). Thanks guys!

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Hey Christophe - this is currently possible...

- Select all the songs you want to rate

- Open the Info panel to the right (the 'i' icon)

- Select the rating; it will be applied to all tracks

To clear the rating instead, click slightly to the left of the first star

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I've been looking for this for too long. Thank you

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