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Replacing To Non-Pioneer Headshell For PLX-500

Hi, I'm interested in replacing the cartridge and headshell on my Pioneer PLX-500.

The Replacement: Nagaoka MP-150 With Nagaoka Headshell.


NOTE: No need to remind me about: Arm weight adjustment, cartridge alignment, arm height adjustment and anti-skate, I am fully aware of this!

My only question is this headshell (Nagaoka) fits to my PLX-500 arm?
I know sometimes there are problems because these two headshells are slightly different..it can create needle tracking issues?
Sorry if this is an obvious question, it's better to ask than to regret later (:


Michael Haitman

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Sorry, I don't have any experience with that particular headshell, but as they use a fairly standardized size, I'd expect it should fit.

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