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Connected PLX-500 Line on DJM 2000 phono distorted sound bad?

Hello i accidently connected one of my PLX-500 TT set on LINE on the back with my DJM 2000NXS input set on PHONO.

Obviously the sound was distorted as it gets higher voltage in but i did not notice where the problem was first because the other (both brandnew) PLX did sound good and the switch was by default on phono on that one and i started connecting that TT so i thought something was wrong with the other TT or the needle so i switched cartridges first and all to try solving it. 


Is this bad for the DJM2000NXS? Did it or could it have harmed the mixer?

It played for like 10 minutes this way. The voltage is a lot higher so i am afraid this is not good for the not so cheap DJM 2000NXS.

Nothing to find about this online. So can it damage the mixer connecting it this wrong way? TT line out on Phono in. 


Thank you. ps. Finally this forum works again. I had trouble logging in every time i tried for months, it worked one time before last month.



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Yeah, don't do that - the line signal is being amplified again via the phono connection; either use a line input or switch the turntable to phono output.

No harm, just signal distortion due to over-amplification.

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Thanks. That gives peace in my mind again!


yeah i never owned Turntables that had a line switch and since the first one was set on phono by default i was not aware of the switch on the back at first.


As long as it did not hurt my DJM. Pretty anxiety for that with this dumb mistake. It is a one time mistake but could be a expensive one :-)

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