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DJM s9 - Catalina 10.15.5 - DJM S9 Utility app

Hello there, 

I am currently having an issue with the DJM S9 Utility app. It won't close and it's using up memory when I am live streaming sets. 

Ever since I started playing with one channel via Phase (CD/Line) and one via a normal timecode vinyl/normal vinyl (Control Tone Phono) using the custom set up in Serato... the (DJM S9 Utility) app won't close. In fact, it pushes itself over other apps, including Serato and will reopen immediately after a Force Quit. 

Any idea where I could be going wrong? 

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Try updating Catalina; the current version is 10.15.7. If you still have troubles, try uninstalling the drivers (from the uninstaller in the driver package here), reboot, reinstall drivers, then allow them through security, and test again.

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