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Pre-fader signal in DAW with DJM Mixers

Owning a 3000 euro DJM-V10 ...

Why is it nnot possible to select "Pre fader" instead of post fader in the Audio Interface settings so I can monitor that channel from inside my DAW without hearing it twice? Now I can only hear it in my DAW if I put the fader of the mixer up but then it's slightly before the rest the tracks in timing and I need to put the channel in my DAW to off. And I can't put any ableton FX on it like this and send it back to that channel and hear it. Is this a design error? It should be possible to chose if you want it to be pre or post fader/eq for something in this price range. Its double the price of my Xone 96 and with the Xone its prefader! Which has a lot of benefits. 

Maybe in a future update or is it impossible because of the hardware design? In case of no, does anyone have a workaround? Just muting that channel without stopping it to go to my DAW or disabeling it from going to the master output would be great so I dont hear it twice (My DAW output sends master out to CH 1 on the mixer via USB, and I hear the signal from for example CH5 in that master output. but I also hear it from the original CH 5 channel since the fader has to be open ... so ... 


Can I do something with the headphones outputs?+ Why cant I cue  the Mic channels?

ben vanmassenhove

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Hey Ben,

The discrete channel inputs are always post-fader; there is no pre-fader input on any Pioneer DJ mixer, sorry.

Here's the trick for you... open rekordbox (even if you don't use it in your performance; I'd put it in Export mode), then configure your V10 as follows:

And Ableton Live with the channels you want to use for Ableton effects:

Be sure the Monitoring is enabled for the IN on each channel.

Each channel on the mixer should be assigned to USB A (or B depending on which connection you use).

Apply effects and have fun.

And sorry, there's no mic cue because it's direct to master.

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