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CDJ 3000 deck 5-6, DJM V10 & TORAIZ SP-16 Link Bug


Once you set link in your setup, when CDJ 3000 are numbered as DECK 5 or DECK 6, the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 doesn't recognise the PRO DJ LINK. Only work if you set your CDJ as Deck 1,2,3,4, but not for the 5 and 6 Channel. 

In my opinion this big bug could be solved with a firmware update for te SP-16 easilly. Only if you want to have a complete set of pionner. Otherwise we have to look for a solution in Maschine or other brands and sell my sp-16. I like to have the cdj in the deck 5-6.


thanks in advance.

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Sorry, but the networking components in products prior to the release of the CDJ-3000 are not capable of addressing players numbered higher than 4, and no firmware update can address this. I'm sorry but you'll have to use players numbered 1-4 for those products to be able to communicate.

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