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DJM-S3 doubles troubles


I get weird distortion, when running a same tack on both channels. This happens in Serato and when playing vinyl doubles. If the same track is running on both channels at the exact same time -- on beat.

And yes, the sound colour effect is switched off. The distortion sounds a bit like a flanger effect.

I use the instant doubles feature to play on Serato with only one deck, and copying the playing track to the internal deck and cross fading in between these causes this distortion.

Is this some kind of a limit of the DSP? I updated my firmware to 1.01. Didn't get to try this with the original firmware.

I could also supply a sound sample to demo this distortion.

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That would be perfectly normal to hear a cancellation / signal boost when you have the same song running on two channels simultaneously, and the flanging would be more pronounced if you're using DVS.

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