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Would it be possible to have a function to automatically switch Quantize on whenever a new track is loaded. 

Reason being, I often turn it off in order to make the hot cues more responsive to give a faster ability to tap it without a delay. I then load a new track and forget to switch it back on and loop the track and completely make a mess of the loop as I forgot to switch it back on.

so basically every time a new track is loaded on either deck of the controller (DDJ1000 in my case) Quantize automatically comes back on).

I hope this makes sense?



Kris Mason

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I second this, though with a slight mod - that a track has a quantize setting associated with it and loads that. Like on some tracks, to get sections to mix perfectly (when jumping forward for example), I have to set quantize to half beat. However, I doubt I will be able to easily recall which tracks I have done this on, in the future - and jumping forward when quantize is set to 1 beat wouldn't sound good.

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