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ADJ - Sweeper Beam LED

** This lighting fixture is already in the fixture library but the lights do not turn on when connected to the rb-dmx1. The other different lights that my sweeper beam LED is connected to work properly while connected to each other via dmx. The sweeper beam works properly during sound active mode, but not with the rb-dmx1 in dmx mode. The bar itself does seem to react to the rb-dmx1 since the bar moves around, but the lights simply do not turn on. Please help.**


Manufacturer - ADJ
Model Name / Number  - Sweeper Beam LED
Fixture type (eg. par, bar, mover, FX, etc) - Bar
A link to the product website - https://www.adj.com/sweeper-beam-led
A link to the product manual - https://cdb.s3.amazonaws.com/ItemRelatedFiles/6975/sweeper_beam_led.pdf
DMX channel modes - 1, 6, 11, or 15

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Hello Christian, 

Sorry for the late reply.

rekordbox lighting engineers already added the ADJ Sweeper Beam LED as a Combo fixture in Ver.1161.
Please follow the steps below. 
1. Update FIXTURE LIBRARY in the rekordbox lighting screen to Ver.1161.
2. In the FIXTURE LIBRARY screen, delete Sweeper Beam LED.
3. Search Sweeper Beam LED in the library and relocate it. 


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