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DJM 250 Mk2 Ableton Live MIDI issue

DJM 250 MK 2 Midi issue with Ableton Live

Come on guys... there are many posts from almost 3 years ago and this is still not fixed.








etc etc.

Windows 10. Firmware 1.06, driver 1.001. Same story as everyone... when using the DJM as ASIO device it someone jams live... I can't use the pads of my push2 for example. It works if you use VB-meter in between Live and the mixer. All midi devices are off on Live but still is doing something to mess things up. I have other ASIO devices and they work fine... so it's on the DJM side as you already know. Also the issue only goes away when you unplug the usb from the mixer... so it seems to be at USB level and not MDI. Spending money on your company to see how this is not address after 3 years doesn't make me a great fan. 

I see some driver updates but nothing for this model.


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I'm sorry if you're having this issue with the DJM-250MK2; it had not been brought up before. All of the other products have received a fix back in July of 2020 - which you may have seen as the official answer on a couple of those topics.

If you're still experiencing this problem, please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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