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DJM-S11 - Highlighted track selector in Serato jumps down 2 tracks if user uses the Instant Doubles function when Load Options are turned on

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Mixer Performance settings menu
  2. Set Load Options to ON
  3. Load a track to one deck - note that the track selector in Serato moves to the next track down the list as expected
  4. Now double click the Load button on the opposite deck to instant double the track from the first deck
  5. Observe the track selector in Serato


  1. The track selector has jumped a further 2 tracks down the list in Serato.

Expected Results:

  1. When the Load option is ON the track selector should not change position when instant doubles is used. 


DJM-S11 - Firmware 1.03

Serato 2.4.5

Shemer Mann

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