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DJM-S11 - When Dual Deck is engaged the user is unable to launch samples that are set to Start - Stop mode while in any Split pad mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Serato load a sample into the Sampler and set it to Start - Stop mode (Press once to start the sample and a second time to stop it)
  2. On the DJM-S11 load a track into deck 1 and deck 3
  3. Start playing the track on deck 1
  4. Go into the deck 3 menu and under the Mashup window enable Dual Deck
  5. Set deck 1’s pads to any split mode with the Sampler (Hot cue + Sampler for example)
  6. While the pads are in split mode try to trigger the sample that is set to Start- Stop mode


  1. The sample cannot be triggered
  2. Bug not seen if samples on the sampler are set to a different mode than Start - Stop mode
  3. Bug not seen when the deck’s pads are just set to Sampler and not in split mode
  4. Bug not seen when Dual Deck on deck 3 (or 4) is disabled

Expected Results:

  1. The user should be able to trigger samples in all modes even with Dual deck enabled


DJM-S11 - Firmware 1.03

Serato 2.4.5

Shemer Mann

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