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New type of FX controller

I would like to offer a new type of midi controller up to $ 300 for the rekordbox.

I noticed that in the latest versions of rb controllers, you stopped making effects on top of the controller over each deck, which I think is a smart solution, since this arrangement is very inconvenient.

The effects panel in djm mixers, which has been used for a long time, is a great solution. Why not create the same controller for the rekordbox with advanced features?

In which there would be such effects as

- 15-20 standard effects

- x-pad

- isolator (fx frequency)

- separate section with 4 parameters for flexible adjustment of a single effect with quick switching between single effects

- 16 knobs (4x4) for setting individual effects on each (return / send) as it works in regular concert mixers or as producers like to do in ableton, where DJ can set up a separate effect on each knob.

- your new type of FX Merge effect ( very cool idea, tried at a local dj store)

- FX pad - effects that are activated using the pads.

- You can also take some mechanics from your standalone FX RMX controllers

I think it will be fine.

Mr. Freeman

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You can to make a grid of 4x8 pads for quick use hot effects.

The pads can be made pressure sensitive to control dry/wet.

The second function for the pads is to make quick access to any effect via the shift key. Once an effect is selected, 4 separate knobs are immediately available to adjust this effect.

The 4 knobs for adjusting the single effect should be with infinite rotation, for better and convention working. 16 of send knobs can be regular knobs

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