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CDJ 2000 NXS2 Jog Wheel changes tracks and CDJ keeps cycling tracks

Hey guys,
I've recently purchased 2 CDJ NXS2 and after two months one of them started cycling tracks like from 1 to 99 and keeps going really fast
And I observed that when I touch the jog wheel it stops cycling for a moment but if I leave it be, it starts cycling trough tracks again

Also if I move the jog wheel forwards or backwards it does the same thing, not moving the track but cycling trough the whole playlist

I tried to restart to factory settings but it didn't help
I also want to mention I didn't spill anything or used them anywhere outside my home in this period, never moved them from the original postion, and they were working fine

Any ideas why this would happen?

Much appreciated

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Hey Alex,

Sounds like you actually have a stuck track skip forward button; the jog can be used to "hyper search" through tracks while holding that button, so that's why it seems to pause when you touch it.

My recommendation is to check the button for any kind of debris that might be causing it to stick down, but if there's nothing around the plastic button itself, then it could be the contacts of the switch have joined or failed "closed" so it's registering the press, in which case it should be serviced. Please contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region if you decide to go that route.

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What could cause this issue to happen?

Since I don't use the functions track search or search it confuses me how this could occur

And any chance this could be fixed before the service step?

Also, how much would these two functions cost to be replaced?

Much appreciated

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It's a stuck button - either something has been spilled on it, dust got in the button, or the contact switch is failing.

You'll have to contact one of the service shops for a rate, sorry.

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