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Squid - Flashing red pads?

Hi there. I can't seem to find the answer online, I haven't yet seen a video where it occurs, and it doesn't seem to be covered in the parts of the manual that I've read so far.

I just picked up my Squid from the music shop. One person had bought it but returned it, so it's new or nearly new. When I switched on my Squid for the first time, and every time I've switched it on thereafter, the pads are flashing red constantly. No matter what page I click to (Track, Scale, Trigger, etc.) the pads continue flashing red constantly, blinking on and off. The "automation on" button is also flashing red, as well.

Would you mind telling me what's happening here, and how I can get rid of it?

Thanks so much, and best,

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Hi Jay, that is strange behavior.  Have you confirmed that it is running the latest firmware OS (1.12)? The version number is visible at the very end of the GLOBAL menu.

If not, please load the current firmware from:


and see if that fixes it. If the problem persists, please contact the Pioneer DJ authorized service center in your region

Rhythm Droid
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Hi Jay,

Did you resolve this?

I've just picked up a new Squid that exhibits the same behaviour.


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Bonjour à tous je voudrais quelques petits renseignements avant d'acheter le squid toraiz
Je possède plusieurs synthé
Et j'aurais souhaité les contrôler via le midi out sans faire de chaînage est-ce possible car il n'y a que 2 sortie
Où comment faire ? S'il vous plaît merci

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