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DJM S11 strange audio interuption

I'm curious to know if anyone can check to see if they have this issue. 

I have my MacBook Pro audio going out through USB to the S11, I usually have it routed to 6/7 (channel 4 virtual deck), but I have tried every USB input channel. When Serato is closed and I have an audio source playing on the Mac i.e YouTube, Loop player, when I move any fader I get audio interference, like a high pitch glitchy sound. When I open Serato, and do not change any other setting or anything, the audio works as it should. As soon as I close Serato the issue is back. I have unplugged everything except the USB and I have tried multiple chroma cables. I have updated firmware, using OS Catalina, check all permissions. I'm waiting for Pioneer to respond to my issue, I'd appreciate if anyone can help me here, cheers!

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Pioneer DJ audio devices don't like being shared and can only be used by one application in most cases, and many applications also don't like being / can't be assigned to an output pair other than 1/2.

Sorry, but as this is an unsupported use case, there's nothing we can do to address this.

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