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CDJ 3000 availability


the availability issue for CDJ 3000 is really frustrating :-( Ordered one in May 2022, the delivery date then has been pushed and pushed again (three times now), and actually it *may* be delivered in April 2023 (!).

Most probably it is because of some electonic parts not being available from manufacturers, but I can't believe that it will take so long.

I am seeing many CDJ 3000s from Japan are for sale at eBay. But besides of being over-priced they will not work without transformer on other voltages. So this is not an option...

I guess we can't blame PioneerDJ for this, but it is very very frustrating...


Markus Marquardt

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I did some investigation what could be blocking the production of the CDJ 3000... it is using the same DAC as in the CDJ 2000NXS2. The AK4490EQ chip, which was released back in 2014.

Unfortunately, this part became EOL'ed (End-of-live) in June 2021, because a fire destroyed the manufacturer's (AKM - Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation) main plant. This means, this part is not available anymore (and never will be again) :-(

My speculation:
The long delivery time now is because PioneerDJ is out of these chips and has to do a re-design of the CDJ 3000 to use another part inside. There is an replacement available, but it has slightly different specifications, which means the PCB needs a redesign which takes time of course.

I wish I would've ordered my CDJ 3000 early this year when it was still available...

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