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Rekordbox iPad App

I wanted to fuel the flame on this one again. 

Having a proper iPad app for preparing my rekordbox library would be a game changer. All cloud synced etc. 

I don't have enough room for my library on my phone for the iPhone app. I wouldn't want to be preparing my library on this small screen anyway.

It would give me a very good reason to upgrade my plan for cloud syncing ;)

It's an iPad pro M1, it could probably handle Performance mode. But i'm not asking that. Just the Export mode. With my iPad I can use my mouse, or an apple pencil. On the phone it's just not practical.

A lot of people are getting iPads these days, and they have huge storage options. With your Cloud sync system, this would give a lot of people a reason to upgrade their plan.

Any progress with this at Pioneer DJ?


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