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Wierd going's on - CDJ2000 nxs2


If I press the master button over and over, it changes the tempo range, not every press but say 1 in 10 presses (sometimes only one press) and also the master tempo and tempo reset sometime come on/off. I have had these decks for a number of years, and it has never done this before. very odd.

Its on the latest firmware and I have done a hard reset.

Any ideas/thoughts greatly received.

Thank you

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these keys (among with others) are sharing the same hardware circuits inside the CDJ 2000NXS2 to recognize your key presses. If there is something like "crosstalk" between the different keys, it is a hardware problem. This needs proper troubleshooting by a professional repair person, nothing you can easily fix by yourself. If you spilled something over your CDJ, proper cleaning is required.


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