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XDJ-RX2 Gain Issues

Saw another similar post to my issue but there was so solution so unfortunately i have to ask for some help. Using a RX2 with no problems besides that the gain seems extremely un-accurate when i play with an USB drive. I also have the latest firmware update currently. The gain seems weird even when i play through rekordboxs performance mode but that's a different issue. (The gains don't even reach the last yellow bar but they always find a way to start clipping.)

The big problem here is as i said the gains are un-accurate when played through USB. A song might be clipping all through out the song but when heard through speakers the volume is very low. While one song might not even reach the last yellow bar it can sound loud compared to other songs. I separately play at a venue with a CDJ setup and it has no problems. Literally just then on my XDJ i was playing a song where even the waveforms show that it's obviously poorly mastered but it starts clipping when it doesn't sound even half as loud as the opposite decks song. (FYI i don't rip songs.)

Won Hu