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Rekordbox BPM

I use 1210 technics with the timecoded vinyls, It took me a while to get it setup. It is not the most user friendly software. Anyway, i analysed two tracks just for testing purposes to get the software up and running. I found that no matter what track i put into channel 2, when i switch to absolute mode it goes up to about 155bpm (track normal speed being 122ish) i have tried everything and really dont feel there is enough support on this product to troubleshoot. I know this cant be an issue with anything else other than the software or the RB vinyls as it works on internal mode no problem. I am really hoping to get a quick fix for this if possible as i took out a 30 day plan trial to see if i would like to purchase it. So far that answer is no lol. Any help would be much appreciated. 

John newall




Double check that the RPM on your turntable isn't on 45. It should be on 33. 

Sorry you feel the software isn't user friendly. I actually find it is.

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