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Pro DJ Linked CDJ3000s - beat jump on certain tracks

I've just upgraded the firmware on my two CDJ3000s to version 2.02 and started using a new Samsung T7 Stealth SSD formatted using exFAT with music all stored as FLAC files.  Prior to the firmware upgrade I was using straightforward SanDisk USB keys formatted using FAT32. 

Within just half an hour I discovered two tracks that "Jump" on a particular beat - enough to upset the rhythm.  I never had this before. The problem is repeatable and can't be avoided but was always occurring on my second deck which is the one that doesn't have the USB drive directly attached.

Further investigation that the same track will play fine on the second CDJ3000 if I attache it directly (ie move the USB drive to CDJ3000 Deck 2 instead of Deck 1).  My first thought was this seems to be some sort of Pro DJ Link issue but then I discovered that the first CDJ3000 deck also plays the track fine, even though the USB drive is attached to Drive 2.  The problem only seems to occur on the second drive IF it is Pro Linked rather than directly linked to the USB drive.  However I need to do more experimentation to see if CDJ3000 Drive 1 also has the problem on other tracks.  

Clearly it's not Deck 2 that's at fault since it plays the same track fine when the USB is directly connected. 

Any thoughts?  I read recently that James Hype was choosing CDJ2000s in preference to CDJ3000s because of "glitches with CDJ3000 firmware", which came as a shock since all of his live streams used to be on CDJ3000s, but there are several photos of him at festival gigs where he's had CDJ3000s available and gone for the CDJ2000s. 

So, is this a known problem?  Is there a timescale for a fix?  It's pretty major in terms of just not trusing Pro Linked CDJ3000s any more. The beat jump will cause train wrecks on the dancefloor if left as is.

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