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XDJ RX - can't update firmware and loading issue on right hand deck


I have the XDJ RX (first version) and have two issues:

1) I have tried updating the firmware (think I have version 1.80) via a USB several times with different sticks and nothing happens when I put it into the port. Is there a need to go through each update version to get to the current one - if so, how do I get to previous updates? I have used Windows not Mac; and
2) I don't know if the firmware update would fix this but I have an ongoing problem which is intermittently I will load a track onto my right hand deck and then when I press play/pause it effectively pauses (stutters) instead of playing. It happens with different USB's. The left hand deck is always fine. Is this problem likely to be hardware or physical issue with button. It is very random


John Boutwood




Are you booting the RX into firmware update mode? Does it ask you to connect the USB drive on the screen?

Have you formatted the USB drive to FAT32 with Master Boot Record (MBR) as opposed to GUID (this is important if you used a Mac to format the drive)?

Did you download the correct firmware (2.21) and unzip it before placing it on the USB drive? Did you also make sure not to rename the file, and is it the only firmware update file on the drive?

You can update to the latest version without using incremental updates.

As for the second issue, you have the deck in CDJ mode instead of VINYL mode. Toggle the jog mode back to VINYL and that won't be an issue.

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