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Custom FX & Samples on XDJ-XZ

Hey Guys,

so i have looked up a few Youtube Videos, include this nice one.

But i haven´t found the solution for my two problems.

So for the first, i see that my sampler sounds like the custom horn is playable over the beat jump pad. In the Software i see that the sound is playing, the volume is on max but i can hear the sound on the output. And yes, i know that the sample volume knob is the trim from aux and only if the trigger from aux is on off.

So i can´t find the way to hear my sample sound, anyone can help?


The Second problem is the FX´s. I like to play with the echo out effect from the serato bank. So the FX is still like there, but i can´t find a way to play the Software FX...

Maybe someone can help here?

Dennis Forte