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XDJ-RX3 crash, freeze


last night at a gig my XDJ-RX3 crashed again. This always happens after about 5 hours of operation and without prior notice. The display freezes out of nowhere, the audio output stops and all other functions are disabled. This has now happened repeatedly, also with the latest update 1.13.

Each time the device was in operation for about 5 hours, connected to my Laptop/ Rekordbox via USB-Link, a USB stick plugged into the mixer and a microphone connected. The latest Rekordbox and Windows 11 update are of course installed.

When the mixer crashes, not even the off switch can shut down the mixer, only a hard shutdown, with pulling the power cable, could switch off the mixer.

While the guests were wondering why there was no more music and booed me, I turned the mixer on again. After that, things continued as normal, but with an existing fear of another sudden failure.

So my question to you is, do you have the same problem or a solution?

Kind regards

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