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XDJ-RR Display Zoom issue

Hi there, I searched around to try find an answer to this before posting, and it's probably just a setting I have wrong, but the two waveforms on my XDJ-RR display are at different zoom levels. i.e. if I have two songs playing with the same BPM, and have them synced, the beatgrid on the display will not always line up because the zoom level seems to be different.

In Rekordbox software, this is not an issue and the entire beatgrids line up because I have pressed [RST] to reset the zoom levels to the same value. I'm just not sure how to do this on the controller (XDJ-RR) itself.

I've tried zooming all the way in and out using the selector knob but the problem persists.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Thanks.

Liam L




Chances are the zoom levels are the same, but you don't have SYNC enabled so one moves at a faster or slower rate than the other, with both tracks having their beats aligning at the "play head" (provided you have beatmatched them manually). This is perfectly normal.

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