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adding stems / better midi maps or releasing hardware locks

Got a ddj-800 recently and was very excited and was really liking rekordbox but please pioneer/rekordbox, please either add stems features like serato or release the ddj-800 from only being able to utilize rekordbox.  I'm considering selling my ddj-800 in lieu of a ddj-1000srt if no support is planned. While I like the interaface of rekordbox much more, I enjoyed the setms features in Djay's product and if serato's is to believed to be much more streamlined, this would be the medium I'd prefer.  If not, consider adding more leeway in midi-mapping other products in rekordbox

Uyen Le




Im thinking same way about my DDJ-1000, im thinking move to outher allow Serato.

I don't understand why Pioneer limit hardware, its not better allow user choose what program use with own equipment ?

Open your eyes Pioneer our hardware its great but software its not best.

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