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Is Performance Mode USB Playlist access supported yet?

I do regular gigs and I invite other DJs to come and play, warmup or whatever. They all use Rekordbox to sort their music.

Currently we have to preload the tracks in advance becuase Rekordbox will not allow on the fly access to a USB playlist with all the cue points set up correctly as they DJ wants.

This is a glaring and obvious fault with Rekordbox DJ and it must be resolved. I am embarrassed to ask if a DJ can supply his tracks so they can be copied over first. He loses his cue points and his playlists are no where to be seen.

Come on Pioneer, sort this out. It's stopping Rekordbox DJ looking like a contender. If I can find a midi-map the DDJ-RX and Traktor Pro I'll use that instead.

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The reason this doesn't work has to do with the way the database is prepared for the export device, but the engineers are working on it.

@Lowie > If you want to use the database on multiple computers, set up your database and music collection on an external drive and move it between them with ease.

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I've also noticed this, major pain! Trying to drag songs from USB to deck just results in a stop icon.

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Yes! BEen asking for this since RB came out!

IF a DJ already has his analyzed tracks on USB to plug into a CDJ, it should be a no-brainer to plug this into a laptop running Rekordbox DJ and have access to those tracks.  Rekordbox DJ is acting like a CDJ and replicating its functions.

Pulse has mentioned that the database is different But in the end the music files are still in there as are hot cues, playlists, etc.


We should be able to browse to teh USB and after clicking on it see all the playlists/tracks as well as have access to the beatgrids/hotcues just like a CDJ.

Serato has had this functionality forever, which is why DJs can easily walk into a booth with their USB drive, plug in and go.



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Also would be nice to be able to use my studio desktop (with huge music library) to prepare sets, put my playlists on a drive and use rekordbox on my laptop, it felt like a stupid shortcoming that this wasn't possible.

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