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Tracks lose 'My Tag' Tags if they change location on the file system

The 'My Tag' feature on Rekord Box is an amazing idea, being able to tag tracks by clicking on the checkboxes is really great. 

What completely ruins this amazing feature (and maybe I am missing something here) is that the moment you move that file on your file system it no longer picks up the My Tags, even though the comments tag still clearly contains the My Tag information e.g. /* Acid House */

Why can't rekordbox read the comments when the track is re-added and then automatically repopulate the 'My Tags' column?

Perhaps this is something that could be added in a future release?

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Are you physically REMOVING the file from rekordbox, like deleting it? In that case, yes, even if you re-add it later, that additional metadata is lost as it's stored for that song within rekordbox, not on the file itself. When you delete the file, the data is also removed.

If you move the file and relocate it, the tags are retained - as long as you don't remove them.

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Sadly, this is the issue, there is always need to move files around on the file system e.g. if you create a folder of new tunes, over time these become old tunes, hard drives can fill up quickly and there is need for things to be reorganised accordingly. To only do this in Rekordbox would be a huge mistake as software can change over time.

It seems really harsh that you are forced into a situation where by moving a folder you will then lose all of your Tags, even though there is still Tag information stored within the track via the comments e.g. /* Acid House */

Perhaps therefore this is more of a feature request, but you would save a lot of pain for people if there was an option to restore tags based on what is in the comments.

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Like a friend, i have the same problem. I make many "my tag" in my files, after some day i move files to other folders and i lose my tags while in comments are wrote.

The problem is: 

a) if i delete the missing files and i reload again, i lose the "my tag" fuction.

b) if i relocate, is stupid i cant auto relocate. If i move 1000 songs from some folders to other folders, i must relocate one-one file? 

Please as request fix one or another way. Or dont missing "my tag" or auto relocate (like traktor)

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