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slip mode improvements

hi guys,

i'm just starting to enjoy the two xdj 1000 mk1 i bought, and i was very eager to use the slip mode all the time, but i just found out that it switches off everytime i load a new track :(

this is really too bad !

of course i could always reactivate it every time after loading a new track, but that's rather annoying since i am very certain that i want to be in slip mode all along my dj set (i couldn't find yet any inconvenient to staying in slip mode ).

Also, since i'm mixing tracks very quickly one after the other, as soon as i have pressed on the rotary selector to load the track i have selected, i need to be playing it right away, and i don't have a few seconds to loose to select slip mode for that track again.

So, please, could we have a "slip mode lock" function ?

First, to be set in the utility setup, so that the unit can be in slip mode at startup;

Secondly: i understand that other dj's who perform on the decks during that event may not want to be in slip mode all the time, but we could easily have them selecting "slip mode lock" on or off by pressing longer on the slip button, just like we have to press longer on the usb stop button to remove a usb device, for example.

we could also imagine the slip button on the touchscreen to be blinking slowly when slipmode lock is engaged, reading then "slip lock" instead of just "slip"

this update could probably apply to other cdj/xdj product that have slip mode...

last but not least:

when i press the slip button on the touchscreen, i have the loop buttons that appear instead of the waveform display of the whole track :/
well, you know what ? as much true as i want to be in slip mode all the time, i'm also very sure that i'm not planing on using the loop functions, while i'd like to see the waveform of the whole track displayed all the time.
I know that i can just press again on the loop mode button to see that waveform appearing again, but once again, if i can spare myself that action, it'd be so much better:
could we please have a setting for this in the utility menu ?
Like setting on/off a parameter called " slip mode activate loop function display", so that if we set it off, the loop buttons won't appear when we press on the slip button...

and if the next dj prefers the loop buttons to appear automaticly when pressing on the slip button... well, you can just make a "loop mode lock" function, that would be activated by pressing and holding the "loop mode" button, wich button would flash when "loop mode lock" will be activated ;)

Thank you for considering this requests; i hope i did manage to explain all of this clearly, since english is not my mother tongue :P


Jay Revgratz