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Rekordbox "Jump Forward" amount modifier

Hey, Have a quick suggestion, that I feel like would be decently easy to implement.

This would make the process of setting memory cues and hot cues MUCH faster and painless.

So, right now (when rekordbox is in prep mode) if I want to navigate around a song to set cues I'm using the cursor arrows left and right and I can only jump one bar at a time. So most of my prep sessions go like

*find drop*
*set grind & check tempo*
*left cursor *tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap
"c" "m"
*left cursor *tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap
"c" "m"
left cursor *tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap*tap
"c" "m"

I suggesting that the keyboard "alt+left/right cursor"
be bound to a "Jump 8 bars" feature

Seems like this would be easy to code and implement, would help many DJ's out there through the slog of setting cues, and would save many poor index fingers from developing some kind of repetitive motion damage :P