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Pioneer DJM Toriaz

I love my Toriaz gear ... but it's missing a killer mixer with dedicated performance controls - something like the Roland MX-1. The Roland TR-08 is great because you have easy access to your volume controls - something that is difficult to get to on the Toriaz sampler for example. It's either on or off sound or some jacking of the master rotary know. It's multiple steps instead of BAM - there you go. Considering the rise of more analogue gear in the dj booth, it would be wonderful if there was some sort of hybrid between a DJM 1000 with more channels and the enhanced capabilities of the DJM 2000. Some sort of BeatStep Pro like functionality ... but nothing like those horrid looking Roland DJ 909. My wishlist? More channels (drum; lead; bass; quirks and dj gear), effects (some serious delay and reverb combinations) some open pots for midi assigning and those beautiful Isolators from the DJM 1000.