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Rekordbox - Export playlists as actual folders to a USB stick

Please add the option to export Rekordbox playlists as actual folders on USB sticks. It makes no sense to have a bunch of tracks on a USB stick without folders. What if I want to play in an older CDJ that doesn't have RB? What if I have to play in a friend's computer (traktor/serato) in an emergency situation? I just have to dig through thousands of songs without folders? Not having this option defeats the purpose of Rekordbox. 

Flavio Rocha 回答済み



The export process is not intended for use beyond the rekordbox ecosystem; if you want that functionality, drag-and-drop the playlist folder to your desktop and then to the USB device (or directly to the USB device itself). No, it won't be in the order you specified in the playlist in rekordbox, but again, that functionality is limited to rekordbox-compatible devices.

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I've build an App to export it the way you want it.

Its not finished with a nice gui, but the beta works fine.

Do you want a copy of it for try? currently its for mac, but i can do a windows app too

Sasha Ice 2 票
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Agreed. Makes absolutely no sense not having the feature, and makes me wonder is Pioneer even benchmarking competitors or listening to djs.

- Broke your main laptop and have to rely on a backup? 

- Have your collection on an external, but maybe prefer a mini sized USB for certain gigs?

I use exclusively DVS and have a desktop and a laptop which has limited storage at the moment, but my only option currently is lugging my external around to use Rekordbox. FFS, on Serato its just drag and drop a crate onto your USB stick within it's file explorer, but Rekordbox has this weird, and considering industry standards, a very proprietary system with it's "database" thingy, that this kind of simplified workflow is impossible. If I setup playlists using the Export function it only works with CDJs, and for some inexplicable reason I can't use that same functionality for using that same USB stick for example on a DJ partner's or a borrowed laptop. 

Rekordbox is over-engineered considering how little flexibility it provides, and it seems they don't care about DJs at all, and only follow their tunnel-vision on how they want DJs to work. 

I really like some of the powerful features Rekordbox provides, but DJ workflow and flexibility makes me wanna cry.

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Hi all,


Has there been any feedback on this - exporting tracks in folders the user can define (own choice, or have tracks arranged on usb under orginal playlists). Rekordbox exports under Artist / Album / Track for example, which is fine when you are playing on CDJ - but if I want to find a song, play usb in my car, play on someones PC, it is such a mission to try and find the tracks when they are not in my playlist order...

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