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Rekordbox 5 GUI

Although I don't mind the flatter graphics user interface there are a couple of series issues in my opinion.

The most important part of the display - the playout display is now lacking in critical visual information - but most importantly the small fonts for Bpm / percentage tempo +- / sync / master and the smaller track duration times are beyond unhelpful and mean for me the RB 5 software is unusable.

The effects section of the GUI is also just a cluttered view of words and values that aren't as easy to read as before.

For me, it's essential that I can glance at the screen and get all this critical information quickly without having to dwell on the screen and, to the amusement of others in the dj booth it seems, have to put my nose against my MacBooks screen to actually be able to read it.

I can only assume that the decision make the GUI so less user friendly was because it was designed for / or to encourage people who haven't got the very top flight controllers to upgrade to them.

Please look into redesigning these things. I love Rekordbox for performing with but I've had to rollback to version 4 as the new software isn't pleasant

Interestingly, some of the RB 5 software features such as double/half Bpm syncing work in the version 4 software after rollback.

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Thanks for the feedback - our rekordbox team is aware of the complaints and is working to improve the options available.

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Please do much bigger BMP, pitch %, pitch lenght and remain time. On CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 LCDs you have these values so big that they are visible from three meters, on RB you made tham so tiny and small than you cant read anything. 

Make them please same big or add it to settings as well browser values.

Also do something with effect section, you cant read anything from it. Apple made everything in new ios so ugly bold and big you made second extreme.

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