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Full connection for SP 16 and AS 1

Hi could someone fully explain how I connect these 2 up to work together , starting with wiring connections then how to connect on touch pad on sp 16-, then syncing with my CDJs

Danny crammer



Hello Danny,

Before I can help you can you give me an idea of what your trying to do with these two products. I ask that because there are multiple ways of you working and connecting these two products. 

Syncing with CDJs is the easy one, all you need to do is connect the ProDjLink (Ethernet) cable from your CDJ to the SP-16 and you can now sync the two. If your using multiple CDJs you will need a Ethernet hub to connect them all together. 

Let me know what your trying to accomplish with the SP-16 and AS-1 and I can help you with the connection process. 

Thank you 


Dj Creme
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Hi I have 2 CDJS in my middle channels, can I simply plug a 1/4 inch from my back of sp 16 and then RCA into one of my channels into mixer? Will this work and sound also working through my speakers? Thanks. And also will it be the master from the sp 16

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