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Toraiz AS-1 Main Out Noise Problem in Rec.



i have a trouble with the AS-1 in recording. 

I use TC electronic Konnekt 48 as an audio interface. I check all the cables and my sound card inputs. There is no something wrong. 

Also there is no problem in AS-1 when i plug it to directly my speakers. the sounding is clean. it's same for headphone out .

but when i use them both there is a big noise in selected channel.  

the problem is about Ground / GND ?  

How can i fix it.


Thanks in Advance.



Mehmet Akar



Hello Mehmet,

What kind of sound are you getting? 

is it a hum type of sound or a buzz?

Since we can rule out that the soud is coming directly from the AS-1 becuase you said it works fine when its connected directly to the speakers you can try using a ground lifter to see if that eliminates the sound your getting. 


Let me know if this works for you.

Thank You

Dj Creme
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Thanks so much for your help. 


I fixed this problem. it was about USB connection. I was use also USB out of AS1 for getting my synth as an External Insturment in Ableton Live. the noise is happening when ı plug charge adaptor of my macbook. Anyway happy to fix it :) 


Thanks again.

All the best 

Mehmet Akar 0 票
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Ahhh - yeah, I don't think it's recommended to have the USB connected at the same time as the unit is in use, but thanks for following-up with that answer, we'll keep it in mind for future troubleshooting.

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