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Does SP-16 only do stereo sampling?

Hey guys!

My first post here. Very interested in purchasing the SP-16, but after reading the manual and watching all the tutorials, I wonder if this device is indeed limited to only stereo sampling? I plan to use it to sample and sequence sounds from analog gear all of which has mono outputs, so sampling in stereo will simply waste 2x the space for no benefit. Did Pioneer ever mention they will implement mono sampling in a future update?


Artemiy Pavlov



Hello Artemly,

The SP-16 has a Mono input which you can use to record your sample. Its located in the INPUT (Left) channel. 

Dj Creme
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Thanks for your quick reply! I do know that it has a mono input, however, I am seeing in this particular video that even if a single jack is plugged into the line input, the recording is still performed in stereo (you can see two channels in the recorded waveform): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAi_hx08unM

Is it that SP-16 simply displays the file as a stereo waveform for some reason? And the actual recorded file is indeed mono, you can confirm that? 

Thanks again.

Artemiy Pavlov 0 票
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