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Firmware 1.4 Features

I just updated to 1.4 and really impressed, the sample limit wasn't a big issue for me but after upgrading it's obvious that having the 8 bar sample length is a massive upgrade. Really impressed with the sequencing screen and being able to cut and paste tracks which is a massive boost to the workflow.

I was worried that the doubling sampling length might have been possible due to reduced audio quality but it still sounds like that magic Toraiz sheen is still there..

Top work, really happy and really good news that Pioneer are going to continue updating the Toraiz.



James Croyden




I haven't had a chance to install yet, but I am excited for this update. 64s is a major improvement. Thank you, Pioneer DJ! There are still happy customers like me who hope that you continue to support this awesome product and keep bringing us exciting updates. Happy Thanksgiving!

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