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Toraiz SP-16: Cashback for (beta) users

Due deceptive or non correct advertising in the past there would be fine if Pioneer DJ offered some cashback to users who have this unit from 2016. Many customers feel deceived.

Having good perspective at the beginning, PR campain of Toraiz SP-16 is one big mistake this year. You must agree with me that development doesnt go right way, egineers dont be in time with deadlines so if it is not at your ability bring us basic functions promoted on shows/internet/schedules, dont be shy and give us any kind of cashback. You have serial number of sold products... it could be easy.

Phunk Jamz



Okay, here is the official statement provided by Pioneer DJ:

"We are currently reviewing the best sampler specifications suited to the SP-16’s music production design and will be working on a new firmware update when the speciation can be confirmed. Unfortunately, we can't put a date on this release yet as it is dependent on our engineers findings, as soon as we can provide a release date, we will. Thank you for your patience.”

My unofficial comment on your request above is that Pioneer DJ does not reimburse or provide "cash back" on products. If you are not happy with a purchase, your retailer can facilitate a return or refund (within their terms), but we, as the manufacturer, do not offer that kind of compensation.

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@Phunk Jamz > I'm sorry, I don't have an official statement to provide you (I have requested one), but until I do, your patience is appreciated.

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Good idea, Phunk Jamz. I'm in for it. I'm totally shocked how cold blooded pioneer dropped the so much promising developement of the SP16 in preference to the DJs 1000. Like a bad dream.


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