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My thoughts on SP-16 version 1.4

I LOVE the sound of the SP-16. People underestimate how much AD and DA converters matter. Even with the limited feature set, I’m a sucker for its sound quality, and it’s intuitive workflow.

As for the version 1.4 update. I’m trying to keep it positive. I think the few features they did add are very important, and are well implemented. They did a great job of not interfering with its ease of use. The new sequencing functions are awesome.

With that said, I won’t post my suggestions for 1.5 just yet, because my larger concern is that Pioneer is going to abandon the product altogether.

I really believe this product has it own lane; apart from the Akais and Elektrons. Again, the sound quality and ease-of-operation are unmatched. I really wish Pioneer would realize they’re on the right trail, and they’re almost to the destination.

For the record, the big feature I was waiting for was live looping. I’m more of a producer than a DJ nowadays, but I like to do things in real time without a computer.

I’ll post my suggestions for 1.5 soon.





Live looping no deal breaker for me, not being able to erase samples on the sp16 still with new update pisses me off . The extra fx and no eq per track, pisses me off , track copy is good I'm done with pioneer myself first and last product for me . If we get future updates great , if not my mpc live. ,mpc 1000,500 ,Yamaha rs 7000,Korg electribe 1,2 will fit the bill. Pioneer geared this with dj's in mind not music producers which is what I am . Producer first. Dj second. And I still use vinyl thought about buying pioneer dj gear BUT NOT NOW sorry.

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