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AS1 does not send USB midi clock when slaved

is this possible? i want to connect an iPad to my rig, and send clock to it from the toraiz, while it's slaved to other gear, basically providing the clock for the ipad apps to stay in sync with the rest.

would be really cool if it did that.

at the moment, i could not register a clock from the AS1, while the iPad does recognize it as a possible source.

Marko Zver Milošević



Hello Marko,


When the AS-1 is in slave mode its depending on the Master Clock (other device) to receive Tempo information. If you would like to sync the AS-1 with another piece of gear and have use the tempo of the AS-1 you will need to set it Master. You will also need to setup the other unit as slave. 

Hope this information is useful.


Dj Creme
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