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PLX-500 stopped working

I have had my PLX-500 for about 43 days and have used it very little to practice at home and today while mixing at home it stopped working.  All the lights work but the platter stopped spinning.  I am so bummed out.  Originally I had ordered two PLX-500 white turntables and when I received them I had to return one because the platter was not spinning.  The one that stopped working today was the replacement for the first one that was defective.  I have a great following on social media and I am about the put this up on my accounts for everyone to read.  I hope that I can have pioneer do this smoothly and be fair with me.  





Sorry to hear about this.  The fastest course of action is to once again return the product to the retailer and ask for a replacement.  


Your other option is to contact your nearest authorized repair center for a warranty repair.  This option could take some time depending on what the exact issue is with your PLX-500 and what parts may be needed to repair it.

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