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Rekordbox no time added from iTunes / MusicApp?



Referencing this thread from some years ago;


The solution presented in this thread does not work on Rekordbox 6.6.5

As a user says the current behaviour is still;

When sorting by date, 2nd sort order is by artist

Rekordbox imports the date added but not the time. Does anyone have a work around for Rekordbox 6 so that I do not end up with artists 'clumped' together due to some tracks being imported on the same day by the same artist.

My current workflow:

1. Import to musicApp for mac - Correct Metdata / Add rating / Add energy

2. Add to playlist in musicApp sorted by date added

3. Import playlist into Rekordbox

4. In rekordbox sort by date added click file > Renumber trackorder

5. Repeat step 4 for 20+ other playlists :)))

6. Notice that tracks imported on the same day are grouped by artist so not a true date added order.


EDIT: I have noticed that if I export the and use musicApp XML file copy to play order works. instead of the .MusicLibrary file but when I close the music app and re open it it forgets the play order either way I cant win! 


See pictures of comparible playlists. Music vs. Rekordbox


Ross Martin