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Using Mobile Library Sync With A Preexisting Dropbox Folder

I just upgraded to the creative plan and would like to access all of my Rekordbox files from my phone via the cloud.  I already have all of my music in a Dropbox folder and would like to find a way for my phone to reference that existing folder to play off of. 

It seems that if I want to put a song in the cloud from Rekordbox to access from my phone, it puts it in a new folder on Dropbox which would double up my space usage on Dropbox as I already have them all in there.  Is there a way to just tell rekordbox to reference the dropbox folder I already have?

Additionally - even when I do upload something to dropbox directly from rekordbox (into the new folder), it is still grayed out on my IOS app and I can't play it.  I can see all of my playlists, etc... but I can't play any of them.



Victor Houston




If you already have your music in Dropbox when you add it to rekordbox, it will recognize that and no "copying" is necessary to have it available in the cloud for itself or other devices.

To play it on your iOS device, you'll need to swipe to the left then download the song so you can play it.

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