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Rekordbox 5 XML problem

Hello im transfer serato to rekordbox playlist with DJCU Utility. I will generated rekordbox(djcu).xml all done!. Im remove datafile.edb from /Users/djpd/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/ and try to move music from rekordbox(djcu).xml to Collection Playlists. Its working but very very slow. Im Have disabled auto analyse in rekordbox. I will need to transfer like 200000tracks. But its Importing 1track per (20-40sec). My hardware is macbook 13 i5 2012 16gb ram(1TB SSD for rekordbox djcu and xml file + 2TB HDD Toshiba for stored music). Please help me.. 1track per 20-40sec it's very very slow. Please help me
Piotr Dawidczyk