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From what I've searched online and in the rx3 user manual I haven't found this simple option to work with in my rx3. And honestly, I can't believe this isn't possible...

I think it would be extremely useful to introduce a manual sorting option via touchscreen into the taglist/playlist screen.

E.g. I've created a taglist and I've added the tracks by the order I thought it was the most comprehensive, but when I've turned it into a playlist the order of the tracks was completely messed up, and all I was left on was with the regular sorting options "bpm; key; artist; etc"

Following the example above, lets assume I play my set from my taglist since the playlist I've created messed up the track's order. When testing the set I can get to the conclusion that a specific track sounds better between two other tracks other than the ones she is currently in between. So if I want to MANUALY change the track to other position I CAN'T. 

This is such a TRIVIAL and "MANDATORY" thing...

I think it is a fairly easy thing to implement via firmware update.

I leave you with an image example of a usual design for these options. 

So every time a user holds his finger to a track title, the manual sorting options in the left column (4 horizontal dots/lines) can show up, enabling the movement of the tracks above and below.


Loud dB shoutouts!

Joao Fresco