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Log in to rekordbox using Pioneer DJ account (Google)


First post!

I registered for a new Pioneer DJ account today using Google as my selected method of account creation.

I've registered all my hardware fine.

Rekordbox 6 is installed and wants me to log in with my Pioneer DJ account, but I do not have a password to enter.

Attempting a "Forgot your password?" link sends me around in circles with no password reset form visible - before finally dumping me on the forum home screen!

How do others who signed up to Pioneer DJ using  Google/Facebook/Twitter now log in to Rekordbox?

Feeling a bit stupid at the first hurdle! 





After logging out of all tabs associated Pioneer DJ and Rekord Box i was then able to access a Password Reset form.

I received a Password Reset email and clicked the button....

Which eventually opened a new browser tab and showed me a server error:


Not off to a great start for me. Still no further forward getting in to Rekordbox.

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I installed the iOS Rekordbox app and did a password reset request from within the app. Received the email, clicked the button on my mobile device and entered a new password. Logged in to Rekordbox fine!

Some observations that may give a clue as to why it worked by initiating the password reset from iOS:-

[fails] Desktop Rekordbox password reset email links to - https://www.pioneerdj.com/Account/NewPassword/?apiKey=

[works] iOS Rekordbox password reset email links to - https://www.rekordbox.com/account/newpassword/?apiKey=

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