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CDJ 2000NXS Screen Freezing when using Serato DJ Pro in HID mode with Pioneer DJM 900NXS Mixer please help!

Hi, I dj'd today on some older CDJ 2000NXS with DJM 900NXS using the latest Serato DJ Pro 3.0 in HID mode. I was able to link the cdj's but both screens were frozen the entire time. No artist, no song name and frozen bpm which never changed for the entire 3 hours I dj'd. I tried turning the cdj's off then back on again with no success. Is there an older version of Serato DJ Pro that's recommended to use with CDJ 2000NXS and/or DJM 900NXS? I have another gig tomorrow on the same equipment so trying to figure this out asap if possible. Any help is much appreciated!

Sam A